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Otters find 'fairytale' love in lockdown! OTTERS FIND "FAIRYTALE" LOVE IN LOCKDOWN!
Harris has moved from Cornwall to Scarborough SEA LIFE in North Yorkshire to be with Pumpkin.
Seals Delightfully Celebrate the Reopening of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary SEALS DELIGHTFULLY CELEBRATE THE REOPENING OF THE SEAL SANCTUARY
Resident seals, sealions and penguins at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary were surprised for the reopening of the Sanctuary with ice fish cakes!
3D Virtual Reality Shop gifted to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary amid financial crisis 3D VIRTUAL REALITY SHOP GIFTED TO THE SEAL SANCTUARY

In these uncertain times, incredible individuals and communities are coming together to support the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to help them through another national lockdown.
Sanctuary's Otter Finds Love While Fishing for Love SANCTUARY´S OTTER FINDS LOVE WHILE FISHING FOR LOVE
Harris the otter has found love again after his animal care team set him up on "Fishing for Love" in the hope of finding him a new life partner.
Love Island's Lucie couples up with the Cornish Seal Sanctuary LOVE ISLAND´S LUCIE COUPLES UP WITH THE CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY
It has been a hard three months for the Sanctuary, with costs racking up to over £23,000 a month just to look after the animals and provide the vital medical care needed. The public support was overwhelming, and truly helped to keep the Sanctuary going.
It is with devastated hearts that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has announced the sudden passing of their dear friend André, California Sea Lion.
Cornish Seal Sanctuary appeals to DEFRA through open letter CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY APPEALS TO "DEFRA" THROUGH OPEN LETTER
After almost three months of closure The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is now facing tremendous debt and uncertain future. Having been refused the much needed government Zoo grant, the charity now appeals to DEFRA through an open letter for further support in this crisis.
Cornish Seal Sanctuary treats animals to visit from their teams pets to get them used to visitors again CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY TREATS ANIMALS TO VISIT FROM THEIR TEAMS PETS TO GET THEM USED TO VISITORS AGAIN
For the first time in over 60 years, the Sanctuary has had to close its doors for the past two and a half months due to the necessary lockdown.
News of the extended lockdown sees the Cornish Seal Sanctuary fearful over how will they continue to care for their animals NEWS OF THE EXTENDED LOCKDOWN SEES THE SANCTUARY FEARFUL OVER HOW WILL THEY CONTINUE TO CARE FOR THEIR ANIMALS
In the 60 years of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary being an animal rescue facility, they have never had to close their doors for such a long period of time.
Turn your Lockdown non-essentials into seal essentials TURN YOUR LOCKDOWN NON_ESSENTIALS INTO SEAL ESSENTIALS
It feels so long ago since we could treat ourselves to a night out, hair cut or even a takeaway coffee during the daily commute. With the Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall now closed due to Covid-19, the team are turning to the public asking for donations of their lockdown non-essentials to help them to continue looking after the marine animals in their care.
Cornish Seal Sanctuary offering locals exclusive annual ticket for the year OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM THE CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY
At the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, we are currently following Government guidelines closely to ensure the safety of all our visitors, staff and animals.
Cornish Seal Sanctuary offering locals exclusive annual ticket for the year CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY OFFERING LOCALS EXCLUSIVE

Local residents of Cornwall can visit the Sanctuary unlimited times for an entire year.


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