Latest Press Releases for 2016

12 days of Enrichment! TWELVE DAYS OF ENRICHMENT!
All of the resident creatures at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary will be taking part in 12 days of special Christmas enrichment.
First Seal Pup Release of the Season FIRST SEAL PUP RELEASE OF THE SEASON
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary had their first official release of the season with 5 pups being released back into the wild on 25th November 2016.
Tragic loss of Muddy the Ringed Seal TRAGIC LOSS OF MUDDY THE RINGED SEAL
A ringed seal pup rescued in September and cared for at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has died tragically overnight on 23rd/24th November 2016.
Pumpkin celebrates his 6th Birthday with a fantastic fish cake! PUMPKIN CELEBRATES HIS 6TH BIRTHDAY WITH A FANTASTIC FISH CAKE!
Resident grey seal Pumpkin, who was born on Halloween, celebrated his 6th birthday today with a fantastic ice-fish cake made by Natalie Dyer, Head of Enrichment and Animal Care Team member at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Spooky Happenings at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary SPOOKY HAPPENINGS AT THE CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY
With pup rescue season in full swing, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have had 12 pups admitted to the Seal Hospital, however, this season has proved far from typical so far.
Ringed Seal recovering at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary RINGED SEAL RECOVERING AT THE CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY
Ringed Seal "Muddy" was initially rescued in Plymouth after the National Marine Aquarium were alerted by a member of the public.
Keeper re-united with Apricot the Otter KEEPER RE-UNITED WITH APRICOT THE OTTER
Senior Aquarist Rob has been re-united with Asian Short-Clawed Otter "Apricot" whilst working at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Sanctuary Pitches in to Safeguard Marine Life South of Scillies SANCTUARY PITCHES IN TO SAFEGUARD MARINE LIFE SOUTH OF SCILLIES
Visitors to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary are being urged to help win protected status for an important area of marine habitat to the south of the Scilly Islands.
You can teach an old Seal new 'tricks'! YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD SEAL NEW "TRICKS"!
Animal care team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary make a break through with Europe´s oldest Common Seal, Babyface.
St Agnes Seal Release Marks 40 Years of Rescue ST AGNES SEAL RELEASE MARKS 40 YEARS OF RESCUE
The speedy recovery of a rescued seal pup has enabled animal care workers to lay plans for a very special release event.
Seal Rescuers To Probe the DNA of Rare 'Black' Seal Pups SEAL RESCUERS TO PROBE THE DNA OF RARE "BLACK" SEAL PUPS
Seal rescuers are planning a DNA check of two rescued black seal pups to see if a new strain of black or "melanistic" grey seals is colonising our South West coastline.
Bad Weather Prolongs Overcrowding Problems at Seal SanctuaryBAD WEATHER PROLONGS OVERCROWDING PROBLEMS AT SEAL SANCTUARY
Foul weather is threatening a crisis in Cornwall´s seal rescue network.


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