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On Saturday 13th of September we received a telephone call from St Mary´s on the Isles of Scilly about a pup that had been abandoned at Porthcressa. The pup was put on the afternoon flight and the Animal Care Team picked it up from the heliport at Penzance... More>>
Fairy was rescued from Tintagel in north Cornwall on the 20th September 2008. This pup is 2 weeks old and weighs 17.3 kilos, she has a very bad wound to her head close to her ear, which had become infected and other wounds to her head and chin... More>>
Hubbard was found on the Isles of Scilly on the 3rd October 2008, he was only 2-3 days old and weighing 13 kilos. He had grazes to his front flippers and a cut above his right eyebrow... More>>
Pallin was found in Bude on the 3rd October 2008, he was 8 days old but weighed 35 kilos. He had a couple of old wounds which were slowly healing and a graze to his right eye. Apart from these old wounds, he was... More>>
This pup came from Gwithian and was rescued on the 14th October 2008; he was found to be abandoned by his mum, but was covered in puncture wounds from his head to his flippers. He was about 2½ weeks old... More>>
This pup was rescued from Delabole near Tintagel on the 16th October 2008. He weighed only 10.5 kilos and had been abandoned by his mum. Injuries were a graze above his left eye, which he is now receiving eye drops... More>>
Gandalf is a little boy and was rescued by the Secret World from Brean beach on the 19th October 2008, and was only 2 weeks old and was in mid-moult. He was only 11.2 kilos and had... More>>
Oscar was rescued on 27th October 2008 from Portreath due to a public disturbance; and had a couple of old wounds that had nearly healed and a scratch to his right eye... More>>
Merlin is a little boy and also came from the Secret World for rehabilitation, he was rescued on the 31st October 2008 in Western-Super-Mare. At 4 weeks old and weighing 15 kilos he had a couple of wounds and was malnourished... More>>
Erin was rescued on the 21st November 2008 from Portreath, she was 5 weeks old and weighed 11.5 kilos. She was malnourished, with a few wounds, and a snotty nose. She was given fluids... More>>
Sophie was also rescued on the 21st November 2008 from Hayle and was actually brought in by a member of the public. This pup was around 6 weeks old and extremely malnourished and was near death by the time she arrived at the sanctuary... More>>
Sandy was rescued on the 22nd of November 2008 from Sennen, 6 weeks old, very malnourished and weighing only 11.5 kilos. She also had respiratory problems and a few minor wounds... More>>
Scotty was rescued on the 22nd November 2008 from Penzance. At 8 weeks old and weighing 15 kilos, this was another pup that seemed it would not make it. Scotty, who´s temperature was so low, it did not read on the thermometer, was taken to a local vets... More>>
Lauren was rescued from Perranporth on the 24th November 2008, 6 weeks old and weighing 12 kilos, she has wounds to both rear flippers which are being cleaned and treated and she has been given a course of antibiotics... More>>
Rupert was first rescued by the RSPCA and taken to their East Winch centre for rehabilitation and released back into the wild off the coast of Wales... More>>
Sam was rescued from Croyde in Devon by the RSPCA... More>>
Shawn was rescued by the RSPCA... More>>
We received a phone call from a member of the public on Friday 12th December about a seal on the beach at Peters Point. Amy headed out with a couple of volunteers... More>>
On Monday 15th December we received a call from a member of the public up at Constantine Bay near Newquay about a sea pup on the beach. After get information we sent one of the team up to take a look. Dan arrived on the scene... More>>
On New Year´s Day the sanctuary received a telephone call from a local volunteer group about a seal pup at Porthgwidden Beach near St Ives. Due to the information given on the telephone, the Animal Care Team decided that the seal pup needed... More>>
Ellie, David and Paul ELLIE, DAVID AND PAUL
Ellie, David and Paul arrived from the RSPCA in West Hatch on 21st January 2009... More>>
´Shell´ short for Michelle came to the Sanctuary from the RSPCA, she was rescued from Pendeen on the 21st January 2009. She had fishing net around her and a bite to her nose and weighed 17.9 kilos... More>>
The Sanctuary received a call on 28th January 2009 about a pup down at the old Lizard Lifeboat station. Dan and Amy headed down to the beach and found a seal malnourished... More>>
Ken arrived from the RSPCA in West Hatch in February 2009... More>>
Evie, Custard Cream, Emma and Ken EVIE, CUSTARD CREAM AND EMMA
Evie, Custard Cream and Emma arrived from the RSPCA in West Hatch in February 2009... More>>
On Thursday 12th February 2009 we received a call about a pup at Roseland. BDMLR, who were already in the area, decided to take a look and called to say they think it might need attention... More>>
On the 12th February 2009 volunteers from the Cornwall Seal Group reported seeing a young male grey seal pup with monofilament fishing net entangled around the neck. Estimated to be 2 months old, and with a lot of growing still to do, the netting was already beginning to restrict his movement... More>>
Harley was rescued on the 7th March 2009 from Porthcurno. He had puncture wounds to his body and a discharge from his right eye, and malnourished and so he was brought back to the Sanctuary... More>>
Kathy, Ren, Stimpy and Julia KATHY, REN, STIMPY AND JULIA
Kathy, Ren, Stimpy and Julia arrived at the sanctuary from the RSPCA in West Hatch on 9th April 2009 for their final stage of rehabilitation before being released back into the wild... More>>
The Animal Care Team would like to say a big Thank You to all the assistance provided with the pup rescue season by the BDMLR, RSPCA, Secret World and all the members of the public who have called and reported pup sightings and standings.   For more information on any of the above organisations, please click on their name.

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