Yulelogs - Resident Grey Seal
Yulelogs YULELOGS, a male grey seal, was originally rescued, as a pup in 1989, by a marine park in the North of England.

For unknown reasons they decided to keep him on in their Grey Seal exhibit. Unfortunately, four years later, they closed the exhibit to make it into something else and released Yulelogs out into the wild.

After such a long time in captivity, from a very young age, Yulelogs had no idea how to feed himself.
Three months later he was rescued by the RSPCA weighing only 60kg and they asked the Seal Sanctuary if they would provide a permanent home for him.

He is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic of all the seals especially when it comes to the environmental enrichment programme.

The Animal Care Team always have to think up new things to keep Yulelogs entertained!
Yulelogs Click here to see a selection of photos of Yulelogs via our flickr account.
Each year the Animal Care Team make these for the residents to celebrate their birthdays, the team have out done themselves again with this beautiful fish cake for Logs, look at all those colourful layers and shapes!

He was originally rescued in 1989 by a marine park in the north of England, when the park closed down logs was released back into the wild.   However, as he had spent such a long time in captivity, he had no idea how to feed himself and had become too used to humans.   The decision was eventually made that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary would offer Yulelogs his forever home at the Sanctuary.

Logs favourite snack is conga eels and he loves to spend sunny days snoozing and when he moults his fur, he likes to let it all go green with algae...very fashionable!   Here are some of Logs´ birthday cakes!
Happy 34th Birthday Logs
Happy Birthday Logs, 33 years young
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Each sponsorship makes a valuable contribution to the seal rescue programme, allowing the Sanctuary to provide continuing care for those seals and other marine mammals around our coasts that need our help and to look after those that are unable to be released back into the wild.
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