Woody #2 arrived on 1st November 2010
On the 1st November 2010 we received a call about a pup at Sennen Cove Jenna and Ali from our Animal Care Team grabbed the cage and rescue kit and headed out. On arriving at the beach they found a little pup with multiple wounds and a high temperature was transferred to the cage and brought back to the Sanctuary.

In the hospital a full clinical was carried out and this little boy weighed only 16 kilos and aged around 6 weeks. His wounds found on his rear flippers, shoulder, chin and lip were cleaned and treated. Once again with all our patients a blood sample was taken and a course of antibiotics started to help fight any infection thet may be in the wounds.
Woody #2
This pup is very quiet and a prescription of lots of sleep is in order for Woody. You may ask why he is has been named Woody #2. Back in December of 2006 we rescued a little seal also named Woody, but he is spotted in the wild regularly so this year we had to have a Woody #2, so we don't get confused after he is released back into the wild.
Woody Two - 29th December 2010 Update: 28th November 2010 - Woody #2 is now in nursery pool 1 with Billy and Hopper. He is doing really well and learning to compete for fish with the other seal pups. Woody #2's flipper tag number is 014 (white).

Update: 1st January 2011 - Photo left of Woody #2 was taken in the nursery pool on 29th December 2010, he currently weighs 21kg.    Click here to see further photos.

Update: 8th February 2011 - Woody #2 currently weighs 24 kilos.
Update: 4th March 2011 - Woody #2 is the bravest little seal and on Saturday (26th February 2011) managed to get himself in the middle of the adults on the side of the pool and hoover up the fish they can´t find. This seal we think will find himself in hot water when the girls realise another seal is taking their fish.

Update: 10th April 2011 - Woody #2 along with Nemo, Dug, Russell and Mirage were released back into the wild on 6th April 2011.
Seal Release
Update: 24th April 2012 - Woody #2 has been spotted at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall by members of the Cornwall Seal Group* on 3rd December 2011, 3rd & 27th February 2012, 19th March 2012, 2nd April 2012 and 23rd April 2012.

*Members of the Cornwall Seal Group volunteer hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify and watch over the seals
around the Cornish coast.