WOMBAT - Rescued on 19th December 2005

Wombat, a rescued grey seal pup.  Photo was taken on 30th December 2005 in the main hospitalWombat was rescued by the BDMLR on 19th of December 2005 from Porthgwarra in a malnourished state with bite wounds to his flippers, a respiratory infection and an ulcerated eye. A week later his wounds are largely healed, his breathing is improving and his eye is being treated with antibiotic eye drops. He has learnt to feed himself quickly and waits very impatiently by jumping up at the gate for his fish.
Update: 9th May 2006 - Wombat (wearing hat tag J3) along with Shambles (wearing hat tag J7), Guvnor (wearing hat tag J6) and Stella (wearing hat tag J4) were all released back into the wild on 5th of May 2006 at Gwithian. Shambles was first out of the trailer and in the water. Both Stella and Guvnor were happy to leave the trailer and go in. Guvnor on the other hand thought the water was a little on the cold side. Guvnor came down the ramp his flippers touched the water a gave a moan and turned round and headed back up the ramp. At this point both Stella and Wombat both waited for Guvnor to become a little braver and all headed out to sea together.
Photo of Wombat (wearing hat tag J3) was taken by Rachael Vine