VIXEN - Rescued on 22nd November 2005

Vixen - photo was taken by Rachel VineThe Sanctuary received a call on Monday 21st November 2005 evening with regards to a pup that had hauled out at Newlyn. The pup seemed alert with no obvious wound and quite fat. We told the gentleman who phoned that we would monitor the pup for 24 hours, and if he was still there the next evening give us a call and we would send someone out.
On Tuesday 22nd of November 2005, the gentleman called back to say the pup was still on the beach, and had not moved from the previous evening. Tamara Cooper, who was on her way to Mousehole Bird Hospital, with an injured bird we had found on site, was called to go to Newlyn to check on the pup.

As dusk was slowly descending, Tamara found the pup on the beach. This pup had wounds to her flippers and needed to be brought into the Sanctuary.

Tamara called the hospital so that Claire could prepare isolation No. 3 (here the pup would spend about 10 days before being moved to the main hospital), Chris, a member of our site team, was sent with the cage and rescue gear to help get the pup. ´Vixen´ as she is now called (due to her temperament) weighs 16 kg, but does have lots of wounds all over body which we are treating with antibiotic spray.

Thank you to everybody who helped with the rescue of Vixen.
Update: Photo taken of Vixen on 30th of December 2005 in the convalescence pool.
Photo of Vixen was taken on 30th of December 2005 in the convalescence pool by Joyce

Update: 6th February 2006
Vixen along with Spike and Casper were released back into the wild on 6th of February 2006. Casper was released with no hat tag as when he arrived at the Sanctuary he was very fat and would be very hard to jump. Casper weighed 40.5 kg and was eager to get in to the trailer. Spike has been hat tagged and his hat number is ´09´, Spike was a heavy lump and weighted 57 kg. He was happy to join Casper in the trailer.

The team then went in to the nursery pool 1, to decide who was to go next. As they came down the steps Vixen made a point of coming up to the cage. That made the decision for the animal care team and the cage door was opened and in she went. This was of great cheer to the team as Vixen was a very feisty pup, and would try and bite the team every time they went in to her pen. Vixen was weighed and came in at 38.5 kg and has also been hat tagged with a number and a letter ´C7´ (this is because we have run out of number hats.)

After they were all loaded up, we headed off to Porthtowan on the north coast of Cornwall to reels them.

Luckily we managed to get close to the waters edge. The trailer was open and first out was Vixen, who headed straight out in to the water Casper and Spike were a little more hesitant but after a good look around the decision between the trailer and the open sea, the water won and they headed out.
Spike and Caster looking out of the trailer - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine Spike wearing hat tag number 09 - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Vixen at water edge - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine Spike and Caster near water edge - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine