Ugg arrived on 19th November 2010
Ugg, a 3 - 7 day old pup, was rescued from Abercastle beach in Wales and taken to the RSPCA´s West Hatch Wildlife Centre on 6th September 2010 for treatment.

On 19th November 2010 Ugg was transferred to the National Seal Sanctuary for her next stage of rehabilitation and to learn to compete for fish with other seals. When Ugg arrived at the sanctuary, she weighed 33 kilos. Her flipper tag (orange) number is 80019.

Update: 28th November 2010 - Ugg is in the pup´s rehabilitation pool with
Wellington and Pumpkin.
Back to the wild Update: 1st January 2011 - Ugg is currently in the convalescent pool.    Click here to see further photos taken on 29th December 2010.

Update: 8th February 2011 - Ugg currently weighs 33 kilos.

Update: 4th March 2011 - Ugg is now best friends with Mirage.

Update: 23rd March 2011 - Ugg along with Francis, Billy, Guido, Poppy and Teddy were released back into the wild at Porthtowan on 22nd March 2011.
Update: 18th November 2021 - Ugg has been spotted at a local haul-out along the coast of Cornwall by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust* on 12th December 2011, 15th & 27th February 2012, 17th January 2013, 9th & 11th January 2014, 7th March 2014, 4th & 8th December 2014, 5th February 2015, 11th May 2015, 18th November 2019, 12th November 2020 and 18th November 2021.

*Members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust volunteer hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify and watch over the seals around the Cornish coast.

Seals face many challenges, yet we all depend on them to balance our marine ecosystem, this is essential to make the oxygen we breathe. Seals are our globally rare wildlife tourist attraction, helping diversify coastal economic prosperity.