Second pup from St Ives in Cornwall in less than 10 hours

>At about 8:30am, the phone rang again with a familiar voice from the National Seal Sanctuary on the end of the line. Another pup had appeared on Porthgwidden beach, St Ives again. Coordinator Tim Bain was called and as with last night went to have a look, while Coordinator Dave Jarvis called Medics Simon Bone and Karl Wheston to take the seal cage over.

Tim, having already found the pup and assessed it, called the Sanctuary and then Dave with details - thin, dehydrated, bite wounds, the usual. Space was made available in the Hospital while Karl and Simon continued on to the beach with the cage.
Stella - photo was taken by Simon BoneStella - photo was taken by Simon BoneStella - photo was taken by Simon Bone
On arrival the cage was brought up to the seal. Karl jumped the pup and put it into the cage and the team then carried it off the beach to the car. Tim, Karl and Simon then left, arriving at the Seal Sanctuary a short while later, where the seal was taken to its allocated pen and allowed to rest before being given a clinical examination by the Animal Care Team, after which it was tube fed fluids. While this was taking place, the name of "Stella" was picked for pup number 32 of the 2005-06 season.

Later in the day we also received a callout via Head Office about a live stranded porpoise at Perranporth, which turned out to be a false alarm. The stranded animal was in fact a common dolphin that had come ashore dead earlier in the day and had already been attended by Jeff Loveridge of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Strandings Network

We would like to thank Ben Gardiner, Tom Franks, Kimberley Lewis, Tim Bain, Dave, Lesley and Dan Jarvis, Sue Sayer, Amanda Forman, Rob Skinner, Martin Gaunt and Jenny Haley for responding to the callout so quickly.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall
(Newquay - Land´s End - St Austell)
Date: 3rd January 2006