SKINNER - Rescued on 15th October 2005
Skinner was rescued from Downderry in Looe on the 15th of October 2005. He was about two weeks old and weighed 25.5kg. Skinner's moulted white coat had superficial wounds to flippers, his left shoulder was swollen, and he had a snotty nose.
Update: 28th October 2005 - Skinner is happy to feed himself and we have put him on a course of vitamins and iron tablets. He is a good weight, and on the 27th of October 2005 was introduced to water, this is the next stage of rehabilitation. Here pups learn to feed in water and catch fish.

Update: Photo was taken of Skinner on 30th of December 2005 in the convalescence pool.
Photo of Skinner was taken on 30th of December 2005 in the convalescence pool by Joyce
Pumpkin, Mite, Skinner and Thatcher  - photo was taken by Camilla ErikssonUpdate: 23rd January 2006 - Skinner (wearing hat tag number 04) was released back into the wild today along with Mite (wearing hat number 02), Thatcher (tag number 03) and Pumpkin. All were easily put into the cage at the Sanctuary and quite happily came out of the cage straight in to the trailer. On arriving at the beach, the Sanctuary staff were met by a film crew from BBC Seaside Rescue who were on the beach the day Mite was rescued and were now joining us for her release.
Thatcher was first out and headed straight for the water without looking back, the other three on the other hand took a little persuading. It took the three of them a little while to get their flippers and soon Pumpkin and Skinner headed off towards the sea. Mite on the other hand headed for the stream on the side of the beach but the steam was flowing faster than expected. Mite got in to the steam and rolled over and over down to the waters edge. Mite found his flippers and headed off out around the point. Skinner released back into the wild - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Photo of Skinner was taken on 18th of February 2006 by Sue SayerUpdate:Skinner was spotted on 18th of February 2006 at local seal colony along the atlantic coast of cornwall by Sue Sayer a member of the Cornwall Seal Group*.

*Members of the Cornwall Seal Group volunteer hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify and watch over the seals around the Cornish coast, especially at pup time!