SKIFF - Rescued on 5th December 2005

Skiff, rescued grey seal pup. Photo was taken on 30th December 2005 in the nursery poolOn Monday 5th of December 2005, Skiff was rescued from St Agnes weighing 12.5kg and approxiately 4 weeks old. On initial assessment, Skiff was found with puncture wounds to his rear flippers. When Skiff arrived at the sanctuary, as there was no room in isolation, he was put straight into the main hospital, due to it being full. Skiff will need to put on another 9 kg before he can be moved to the nursery pools.
Update: 30th December 2005
After receiving a clean bill of health, Skiff has been moved into nursery 1 along with Pumpkin, Slip, Scrumpy, Bob and Quinn who have all been moved to the nursery pools from the hospital.

Update: 16th May 2006
Skiff wearing hat tag ID C8, along with Ghost, Bailey and Tanglefoot, were released back into the wild at Porthtowan on 16th of May 2006. All four seals were happy to get into the cage and then into the trailer. When the Animal Care Team arrived at the beach, Ghost was first out like a good girl, and the others soon followed suit. All started to play in the surf; body boarding on the waves that were coming in, but soon this was left behind to explore the wide open seas. Click on this link to see photos of their release back into the wild.