SHAMBLES - Rescued on 17th November 2005

On Thursday 17th of November 2005, the Sanctuary received a phone call from a member of the public about a pup that was on Porthgwarra beach.

Sanctuary staff Marianne, Rachael and volunteer Claire headed out to take a look. On arrival we headed down to the beach, as you can see from the picture this pup was very unwell.
Shambles - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
The pup made no attempt to move as Marianne got closer, when she did she could tell this pup was very dehydrated and needed fluids immediately.

This was done by putting a tube down it throat, and administering a mixture of electrolyte fluids (this contains essential vitamins and minerals that a pup loses during dehydration) this helps with re-hydration. The pup also had some nasty wounds to its mouth and side. This pup needed to get back to the Sanctuary asap if it was to have any chance of survival.
On arriving back at the Sanctuary, Shambles as she is now called (we did think it was a boy on the beach, the sex of a pup is difficult to determine when they are very dehydrated) was put in an isolation pen. Here we could get a closer look at the wounds, and found they were very badly infected. The vet was called to take a look, and Shambles was given a dose of antibiotics, and fish soup.

The first 48 hours were going to be critical for her, as she was so badly injured. Feeds were done by the team at 8pm, 12am and at 4am. At 4am Shambles took a turn for the worst and was put on a drip.
Shambles enjoying some fish tails, which she got all over her whiskers. Photo was taken by Tamara CooperThe next morning Shambles seemed a lot brighter, but was not out of danger. Over the next five days Shambles slowly began to improve, with the wounds healing well. She is still unsure about eating fish, but is having fun playing with them in her pen.

Shambles is now making a full recovery, slowly, and continues to improve on a daily basis.
Update: 1st March 2006 - Photo was taken of Shambles on 26th of February 2006 in one of the hospital pens. She is in the hospital so the animal care team can apply ear drops, as she has developed a persistent ear infection. Photo of Shambles was taken on 26th of February 2006 in the main hospital.
Photo of Shambles (wearing hat tag J7) was taken by Rachael VineUpdate: 9th May 2006 - Shambles (wearing hat tag J7) along with Wombat (wearing hat tag J3), Guvnor (wearing hat tag J6) and Stella (wearing hat tag J4) were all released back into the wild on 5th of May 2006 at Gwithian.

Shambles was first out of the trailer and in the water. Both Stella and Guvnor were happy to leave the trailer and go in.
Guvnor on the other hand thought the water was a little on the cold side. Guvnor came down the ramp his flippers touched the water a gave a moan and turned round and headed back up the ramp. At this point both Stella and Wombat both waited for Guvnor to become a little braver and all headed out to sea together.