Russell rescued on 30th December 2010
Russell was rescued on the 30th December 2010 from Sennen, this pup is a little boy and weighed in at 18 kilos, for a pup estimated age to be around 10 weeks old he should weigh a lot more than this. He was in fairly good condition despite his malnourished state but had wheezing and ruckly breathing which he is now receiving a course of treatment for.

Russell also has some swelling to the land hand side of his jaw but all teeth are intact and none lose, also a few minor injuries to his body.   Photo right shows Russell arriving at the hospital, click here to see further photos.
Russell Update: 8th January 2011 - On the 7th January 2011 Russell was moved from isolation 1 through to the main hospital and is now in pen number 4 and is feeding for himself on whole fish.

Update: 8th February 2011 - Russell currently weighs 23 kilos and is now in the convalescent pool. His flipper tag number is 29 (white).

Update: 4th March 2011 - Russell is doing well and putting on weight.
Update: 10th April 2011 - Russell along with Dug, Woody, Nemo and Mirage were released back into the wild on 6th April 2011. Seal Release
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