1999 - 2000 Rescues

1999/2000 Rescued Seals Returned to the Wild

Pup in a hospital pen

Silkie, Kimberly & Cracker

Monsoon in one the hospital pens

Daihatsu & Alpha

Olli & Precious

Saxo, Floyd & Amazon

Barnaby, Suzuki & Hercules

Mohegan in one of the hospital pens

Tate & Ronan

Pup in one of the hospital pens

Mambo, Mary & Soapy

Lada, Elijah & Monsoon

Polo & Gunvor

Mary in the old Penguin Pool

Robin, Buddy & Buffy

Betty in one of the isolation pens

Harper, Porsche & Beamer

Hansy, Joseph & Jessie Logan

Betty, Mohegan & Tegan

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