Fleur was rescued from Charmouth Beach, on the 9th of January 1998, by the RSPCA, and taken to their hospital for treatment. She was very tiny, weighing only 10.5kg, just a fraction of the weight she should have been for a pup of her age - nearer 40kg. She was very weak and it is thought that she had been separated prematurely from her mum, meaning that she did not put on the weight that she should have done early in life to survive later on. Fortunately she responded well to treatment, and having made a good recovery, Fleur was transferred to the Sanctuary on the 25th of February.

Frank was rescued by the RSPCA from Brecon Powys on the 26th of January 1998. He was thin and suffering from superficial wounds. Additionally he had diarrhoea and had a bit of a cold. After being on a course of antibiotics and some medication to help with his stomach problems, he soon started to perk up. When he was fit enough to travel, he was transferred to the Sanctuary, so that he could be fattened up ready for release.

Jeremy was picked up from Gorran Haven, near Megavissey, on the 2nd February 1998. He was taken to the RSPCA hospital in West Hatch. He was a big pup weighing in at 26kg, but he had a nasty respiratory infection, and also a lot of worms. Once he was treated for these, he made a rapid recovery, and was transferred to the Sanctuary on the 25th of February weighing in at 50kg. He will soon be released, hopefully near to where he was found.