PETER PAN was rescued on 28th December 1997
Peter Pan was rescued from Soapy Cove, near Mullion, on the 28th of December 1997. He weighed only 24kg, was dehydrated, and had a number of nasty bite wounds to his flippers. He also had a severe nailbed infection on his front right flipper, and strange matching wounds on either side of his mouth, as if something had been wrapped around his lower jaw. Peter Pan on beach
He was in a very poor condition when we found him, but Soapy Cove is very difficult to get to. It is only due to the much appreciated help of some strapping lads from Mullion airfield, that we managed to get him up the steep cliff paths and back to the Sanctuary!Peter Pan in our hospital

NANNA was rescued on 7th January 1998
Nanna was rescued from Porthminster beach, St Ives, on the 7th of January 98, by two members of our animal care team - Helen and Karen. It was a difficult job, in extreme weather conditions, but our dedicated team battled the elements.

Nanna was in a terrible condition, underweight, malnourished, and exhausted. She had major head wounds, probably caused by a battering on the rocks in January´s stormy weather, and a severe respiratory infection. She was very quiet when we picked her up.

Like her name, she has proved to be a quiet, gentle patient, and we hope she has a quick recovery here at the hospital.

ORINOCO was rescued on 9th January 1998
Orinoco was rescued from Daymar Bay, on the 9th of January 98. The weather was very rough, and we found him in a poor condition. He was approximately 2 months old, but weighed only 18kg, suffering from malnutrition and dehydration, and was fighting off a number of different infections which were taking advantage of his debilitated state.
Orinoco was initially a very quiet patient in the hospital, who didn't like moving around his pen. But, fortunately, he made a quick recovery, and we always managed to cheer him up by showering him with water.

CLANGER was rescued on 12th January 1998
We rescued Clanger from Carbis Bay, near St Ives, on the 12th of January 98. She had suffered a severe injury to her right fore flipper in the treacherous January storms. The flipper was very swollen around her shoulder and elbow, and she was unable to use it. Without the use of her flipper, she could no longer feed herself, and had gradually gone down hill. She had also contracted an upper respiratory infection.

Clanger has been a delightful patient to have in the hospital, making a speedy recovery, and as soon as her flipper has completely healed, she will be able to move to the convalescent pool with the other pups.