MADELEINE was rescued on 23rd October 1997
Madeleine was brought into the Sanctuary on the 23rd October. She weighed 18kg which is quite small for a pup of her age - approx. 4 weeks. However, she is much bigger than some of our other arrivals, such as Dougal who was only 12kg when he first arrived.

Madeleine was found at Kynance Cove on the Lizard, where she was spotted by some people exploring rocks above the high tide mark. They were worried that she was along way from the sea so they picked her up and put her on the sand nearer the water.
Madleleine, injured seal pup
We would never recommend this course of action, as Grey seals can be very aggressive, and there is also a high risk of a young pup being abandoned by the parent if it is still a "white coat" - as in unweaned.

FLORENCE was rescued on 10th October 1997
Florence came in on the 10th October from Church Cove near the Lizard. She was exceedingly thin, only weighing 12kg (a pup of her age should weigh over 40kg), but this was the least of her problems. She had also suffered horrific injuries to her hind flippers. For the first few days she was very ill and we didn't know if she would pull through. But Florence had a fighting spirit and we were able to operate on her hind flippers and remove the damaged digits. She is now on the road to recovery.