Sandy, photo right, was our second male pup of the season. He was rescued from Sandy Mouth Bay, Bude. We received a call late in the day and drove up to find the pup. Thankfully some people had stayed keeping a watch on him, as by now the tide was coming in quickly. He had several nasty wounds on his back flipper which was severely swollen and a nasty gash on his stomach, maybe due to some netting. Sandy in Nursery pool

We rescued Hook, from St Agnes on the 6th of January 1998, in the midst of the unusual stormy weather. Malnourished, exhausted and disorientated, he had strange idea of hauling out onto the harbour road for a rest! He had a few minor bite wounds, but no serious injuries. It was only after he had been in the hospital for about 12 hours that we discovered he had a severe case of worms! He has now been fully wormed and we hope he will have a short stay in the hospital before we can transfer him to the convalescence pool and fatten him up for release in the spring.