LOOBY-LOO was rescued on 11th November 1997
Looby-Loo, who is shown right, was rescued on the 11th of November. We sent the rescue team to check on her, after a number of people had become concerned about the young pup. She had come up onto the beach at Bude in North Cornwall, and was moving across the sand reluctant to head back out to sea.

After sometime, she entered the river and began to swim away from the beach. It became increasingly clear that the pup was having difficulties. After watching the pup for sometime, we decided to rescue her, and bring her back to the Sanctuary for some much needed fluids and subsequent feeds.

Looby-Loo in every other sense is a healthy pup, and once feeding for herself, it should not be too long before she is released back out into the sea.
Looby-Loo in Nursery pool

ZEBEDEE was rescued on 21st November 1997
Zebedee is in fact a female, and she was rescued by us, late on the evening of the 21st of November 1997. We had the call after she had been spotted by some people, obviously malnourished and in urgent need of some assistance. On arrival at the Sanctuary, she weighed a very thin 13kg, but fortunately it did not take her long to master the art of fish munching!!

She is gaining weight, and apart from a bite wound on her hind flipper, she is making great progress, and it shouldn´t be too long now before she joins the other pups down in the outside pools.