SNORKEL was rescued on 30th September 1997
Snorkel, rescued seal pup
Snorkel was found at Godrevy on 30th September. On arrival she weighed in at 22kg, which is a good weight for a pup of her age - approx. one week. She will be fed initially on liquidised fish diet and as she grows will be gradually weaned on to whole mackerel.

GABRIELLA was rescued on 28th October 1997
Gabriella was brought into the Sanctuary on the 28th October. She was picked up by the RSPCA from Padstow after a search which had started at about 2pm. She was finally spotted at around 6pm! First observations showed she was quite thin for a pup of about four weeks and on closer examination it was discovered that she had a broken jaw.

JEFFREY was rescued on 10th December 1997
Jeffrey arrived on the 10th of December. He was found at Marazion, hiding in the sand dunes, and was quite hard to locate.
He was brought back to the Sanctuary as he was thin, only weighing 18kg, instead of the more normal 40kg for a pup of his age - about two months. He is doing well and is now taking fish.

TINKERBELL was rescued on Boxing Day
Tinkerbell was rescued on Boxing Day from Porthmeor Beach in St. Ives. She was about six weeks old, underweight and malnourished. Seal pups of her age should normally weigh around 40kg, but Tinkerbell only weighed 16kg when she arrived at the Hospital! She is also very small for her age, and it is thought that she must have been separated from her mother before she was fully weaned.

Tinkerbell was aptly named by the animal care team, because of her bright silver coat. But, despite her delicate name and tiny physique, she has proven to be a surprisingly feisty Christmas admission to the hospital.