PAULA was rescued on 15th October 1997
Paula, seen in the picture left and much larger than when rescued, arrived on 15th October 1997. She had been brought to us by the RSPCA, all the way from Carlyon Bay.

All geared up for our pupping season, we initially viewed Paula as a one or two year old seal, however, on examination it soon became clear that we had rescued a by no means young adult.
Paula, injured adult seal

FRAGGLE was rescued on 19th December 1997
Fraggle was rescued by Lindsey Turner, Animal Care Supervisor, on the 19th of December, from Penberth Cove near Lands End. He was underweight (22kg), malnourished, and covered in bite wounds, possibly inflicted by other seals. He was obviously very hungry when he was picked up, because he tried to make a meal of Lindsey´s leg!! Since being in the Hospital, Fraggle has made a good recovery, and thankfully not tried to eat the rest of the team!