Grey seal pup Petunia is about to become the first casualty in 20 years to be released by the National Seal Sanctuary...for the second time!

Originally set free in April 2010 after recovering from nasty netting injuries, Petunia was discovered in a weakened condition on the shore at Mawgan Porth in February 2011.

"She had an infection which happily she has now recovered from," said animal care´s Amy Hudson.
Photo of Petunia taken by Faye Archell of the BDMLR
Petunia Amy and her colleagues were surprised to see the ID tag attached to Petunia when they rescued her, as she is the first casualty to return to the Sanctuary in the 20 years that tags have been routinely fitted.

"The fact that we´ve only had the one returnee is something we´re very proud of," she said. "It is strong evidence that our care and rehabilitation programme is successful."

The scar from Petunia´s wound when netting got wrapped around her neck and slowly strangled her as she grew is still visible.
Around 10-per-cent of the Sanctuary´s rescued pups are suffering injuries from lost or discarded netting. "If anyone comes across bundles of netting on the beach we´d urge them to try and get it disposed off before the tide carries it out to sea again," said Amy. "The injuries it can cause can be really horrific and upsetting."

Happily Petunia´s infection was more easily dealt with, and Amy and her colleagues have their fingers crossed that her next release from the Sanctuary will be her last.
Press release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
Release planned for 7:30am Thursday 7th April at Porthtowan Beach.
For more details please contact: Rachael Vine on 01326 221361
Date: 4th April 2011
Photo (top right) of Petunia was taken by Faye Archell of the BDMLR