Penguins, the new feature for 2010
Squidge the penguin chick has swimming lessons SQUIDGE THE PENGUIN CHICK HAS SWIMMING LESSONS
After successfully hand-rearing "Squidge" the miracle penguin chick has started swimming lessons.
First ever baby Penguin hatched at the Seal Sanctuary FIRST EVER BABY PENGUIN HATCHED AT THE SEAL SANCTUARY
Penguin chick now nicknamed "Squidge" was hatched on 27th May 2018 to parents Lola and Gilbert, Humboldt Penguin pair at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
New Penguin Couple Settle in at the SanctuaryNEW PENGUIN COUPLE SETTLE IN AT THE SANCTUARY
Feathered friends Waddles and Godfrey are the latest penguin couple to join the flock at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Penguin love story to rival Monty's PENGUIN LOVE STORY TO RIVAL "MONTY´S"
There is a real-live penguin love story being played out at the Cornish Seal every bit as touching as the story of love-lorn Monty, star of John Lewis´s latest festive tear-jerker.
New arrival at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary!NEW ARRIVAL AT THE CORNISH SEAL SANCTUARY!
Staff and visitors are very pleased to welcome the newest resident to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary - Pine the Humboldt Penguin.
Podgy Penguins on New Year dietPODGY PENGUINS ON NEW YEAR DIET
Potbellied penguins at Gweek Seal Sanctuary have been put on a diet - and are proving just as reluctant to get on the scales as any New Year heavyweight.
Penguins celebrate their first Christmas at the sanctuary with 'fish-mas pudding'PENGUINS CELEBRATE THEIR FIRST CHRISTMAS WITH ´FISH-MAS PUDDING´
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall have devised the most un-appetising Christmas pudding imaginable: "Fish-mas pudding".
P….P…P…Pick up a Penguin!P...P...P...PICK UP A PENGUIN!
Following on from the successful launch of its very first specially designed penguin pool on the 1st of April 2010, the National Seal Sanctuary is welcoming its final resident penguin.
Penguins Arrive at The National Seal Sanctuary!PENGUINS ARRIVE AT THE NATIONAL SEAL SANCTUARY!
The National Seal Sanctuary is launching its very first specially designed penguin pool on 1st April 2010! The colony of Humboldt penguins will be joining the Sanctuary in a purpose built two-storey enclosure which includes Cornwall´s only penguin underwater.

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