Penguins, the new feature for 2010
Piran, a male Humboldt penguin, was born at Weymouth SEA LIFE Centre in July 2009 and is the brother of Gilbert.

He arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on 30th March 2010 and is the opposite of Gilbert, as he is very shy, and tends to hang at the back of the group during feeding time.

Piran is a fussy eater, inspecting both sides of his fish before deciding if they are good enough to eat!

Piran´s wing band colour is pink.
Each penguin has a different coloured tag to be able to tell them apart.
Male penguins have a coloured band on their right wing and females on their left wing.

Update - 25th January 2024 - The Cornish Seal Sanctuary have some very exciting penguin news to share with you all...

The Sanctuary´s little waddle of penguins have moved into a lovely new home in a fantastic location on 25th of January 2024 with a much larger group of Humbolt penguins. This is part of the Sanctuary´s progression to extend the conservation efforts here in Cornwall.

While the staff are really missing the penguins enormously (and we know you will, too), this move will allow the Sanctuary to start work on refurbing their enclosure for what´s to come later this year.
YoniSome of the Humboldt Penguins

Update - 10th February 2024 - We are so pleased to see that the little penguin waddle is settling happily into their new home at Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, Scotland!

After the long journey from Cornwall to Scotland they arrived to meet their new friends and join a much larger group of penguins.   Squidge in particular is loving being a part of a bigger group of juveniles and keeps himself around them.   The Sanctuary team are sure they are all loving the cooler climate up in Scotland!

Work has begun on the penguin´s old enclosure at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in preparation for the exciting new residents who we will be welcoming this year!

The Sanctuary really appreciate your patience and understanding as the team work to improve pens and pools.

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