Ollivander was rescued on 9th January 2010
The Sanctuary received a call from a member of the public about a seal at Porthtowan on Saturday 9th January 2010. Due to the huge amount of snow that had fallen in Gweek over the last few days while the team were busy feeding the seals and sea lions, they put a call through to our local volunteers who head out to find the pup on the beach.

On the beach they found the pup in a moderate body condition, but very dehydrated. A telephone call was made to the Sanctuary and the decision was made by the Animal Care Team to bring the seal back while the team prepared isolation 2 for the new arrival.
Ollivander - photo taken by Simon Bone
Ollivander The pup was weighed and found to be 17 kilos with cuts and grazes to its chin, and mouth and also ruckly breathing. Its wounds were cleaned and treated and a course of antibiotics started to help fight any infection, due to the pups dehydration it was also running a very low temperature and with the snow followed then by ice and cold weather in the minus a heat lamp was put up to keep it warm. This pup is a little boy and been named Ollivander.

Update: 13th January 2010 - This pup is now doing much better, and has been moved to the main hospital, where he is enjoying ripping up his fish, as you can see from the picture (left).
Update: 29th January 2010 - Ollivander has been moved to the outside nursery pool 2. His flipper tag number is 32 (light blue)

Update: 28th February 2010 - This photo of Ollivander was taken on 27th February 2010 in the convalescent pool.

Update: 10th March 2010 - Ollivander along with Peeves, Fawkes, Rowena and Winky were released back into the wild on 8th March 2010 at Gwithian.
Ollivander Update: 3rd October 2017 - Ollivander was spotted at haul-outs along the coasts of Cornwall on 28th June 2010, 29th September 2010, 19th March 2011, 18th April 2011, 6th & 27th May 2011, 12th November 2011, 9th December 2011, 23rd January 2012, 21st April 2012, 16th May 2012, 7th November 2012, 1st & 15th September 2013, 16th December 2013, 3rd, 21st & 23rd April 2014, 16th October 2014 and 28th September 2017 by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust* (CSGRT).

Photo left was taken by Sue Sayer of the CSGRT on 28th June 2010.

*Members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust volunteer hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify and watch over the seals around the Cornish coast.