Myrtle was rescued on 18th July 2009
Myrtle, a female grey seal pup, was rescued from St Ives Bay on 18th July 2009.

The sorrowful wailing of a seal pup rescued with fishing net fast round her neck has earned her the name Myrtle…after the Hogwarts ghost.

She was spotted in obvious difficulties in a cove at St Ives Bay by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation.
Dan (left) heading back up the cliff with Tim (middle) and Chris (right) of the BDMLR
Myrtle in the main hospital Myrtle is now recovering slowly in our seal hospital, where she is being treated with antibiotics. All being well, Myrtle should be sufficiently recovered to return to the wild in a couple of months.     Click here to read Myrtle's press release.

Myrtle was featured on the "This is Western Morning News" website,
click here to read the story.
Update: 3rd August 2009 - On the 29th July 2009 Myrtle was moved from the SOS Hospital to nursery pool 1 outside. The Animal Care team hope that Myrtle’s stay at the sanctuary will be a very short one.

Update: 7th August 2009 - This photo of Myrtle in the nursery pool was taken on 5th August 2009. Her flipper tag number is 22 (red).    Click here to see more photos of Myrtle.

Update: 11th August 2009 - Click here to see photos of Myrtle taken by Annette and Rebecca Jones during their visit to the National Seal Sanctuary.
Photo of Myrtle was taken by Simon Bone ( Update: 14th August 2009 - On the 12th August 2009 the tides were right and Myrtle was ready to go back to the wild. Animal Care Team assistant Amy loaded up Myrtle on Wednesday morning and headed for Gwithian on the north coast of Cornwall, this was close to where Myrtle had been found. On the beach Myrtle was straight out the trailer and into the water.
You can check out the footage of the release and interviews with the staff by clicking on this link.
Update: 7th February 2010 - Myrtle was spotted at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall on the following dates:- 23rd September 2009, 2nd October 2009, 3rd January 2010 and 30th January 2010 by members of the Cornwall Seal Group.

If you are out walking and do spot Myrtle with her distinctive scar, please call 01326 221361 or email us at
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