Mirage rescued on 13th December 2010
Mirage, an 8 week old seal pup, was rescued from Godrevy Point by Dan and Ally who are part of the animal care team and were assisted by members of the BDMLR team on
13th December 2010.

We received a telephone call about a seal on the rocks which appeared to be caught in some net. The pup was found to be entangled in plastic packaging, he was uplifted and brought here to the National Seal Sanctuary where Mirage was disentangled and found to be malnourished and dehydrated but luckily uninjured.
Update: 1st January 2011 - Mirage is now in the outside convalescent pool and learning to compete for her fish with other seals. Mirage's current weight is 19kg. Her flipper tag number is 25 (white).    Click here to see further photos.
Seal Release Update: 8th February 2011 - Mirage currently weighs 23 kilos.

Update: 4th March 2011 - Mirage is doing well and putting on weight.

Update: 10th April 2011 - Mirage along with Dug, Woody, Nemo and Russell were released back into the wild on 6th April 2011.
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