Mad Eye Moody was rescued on 4th February 2010
This little 12 week old seal pup was rescued on 4th February 2010 from Porthcurno, he was suffering from a high temperature, puncture wounds, ulcer to mouth and a damaged left eye.

In the hospital "Mad Eye Moody", as he has been named, was started on a course of antibiotics to fight infection and bring his temperature down.
Mad Eye Moody
Mad Eye Moody Update: 28th February 2010 - This photo of Mad Eye Moody was taken on 27th February 2010 in the nursery pool number 2.

Mad Eye Moody´s flipper tag number is 37 (light blue).

Update: 22nd March 2010 - Mad Eye Moody is continuing to do well and putting on weight and will not be ready to return to the wild before the Easter holidays.

Update: 24th April 2010 - Mad Eye Moody is receiving treatment for his other eye, but is doing well and sharing his pool with Lavender.
Update: 8th May 2010 - Mad Eye Moody is receiving a course of treatment for an infection in his other eye, but at the moment all signs are still good for him to be released later in the year.

Update: 1st June 2010 - Mad Eye Moody along with Weasley, Bagshot and Lavender were released back into the wild on 21st May 2010 at Gwithian.