Lavender was rescued on 20th January 2010
On Wednesday 20th January the sanctuary received a call by a staff member at
the Tate St. Ives how had come across a seal on Porthmeor Beach. Having volunteers in that area they were quickly despatched to the beach to find the seal.

The seal was found and a call to the Sanctuary and the team. The seal was malnourished and dehydrated and on advice the seal was uplifted and brought to the Sanctuary. On arrival the pup was weighed and found to be 14 kilos and around 6 weeks old apart from the obvious signs a more in-depth clinical assessment revealed that it had puncture wounds to the underside of its belly that were swollen and infected, plus its breathing was a little ruckly with a snotty nose.
The pups' wounds were cleaned and treated and a course of antibiotics started to help fight the infection, a course of pain relief as the wound area was quite tender, tube fed with fluids to help with re-hydration as well as a course of iron tablets and multi vitamins. This pup is a little girl and has been named Lavender.
Lavender Update: 24th January 2010 - Lavender is very quiet in the hospital, to help with her low weight, we have put a heat lamp in her pen to keep her warm.

Update: 29th January 2010 - Lavender has been moved through into hospital pen number 1, she is eating fish for herself, is still a little bit snuffly and very wriggly
when we are trying to treat her.

Lavender's flipper tag number is 35 (light blue).
Update: 28th February 2010 - This photo of Lavender was taken on 27th February 2010 in the convalescent pool.    Click here to see further photos.

Update: 22nd March 2010 - Lavender is continuing to do well and putting on weight and will not be ready to return to the wild before the Easter holidays.

Update: 24th April 2010 - Lavender is doing well and sharing a pool with Mad Eye Moody.

Update: 1st June 2010 - Lavender along with Weasley, Mad Eye Moody and Bagshot were released back into the wild on 21st May 2010 at Gwithian..
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