HUMBUG - Rescued on 28th December 2005
Humbug, a rescued grey seal pupHumbug was also rescued on 28th of December 2005 from Porthgwarra. Humbug had been spotted on Boxing Day and as there were no obvious cause for concern he was given a full tidal cycle to see if he would return to the sea by himself. After not hearing about him the following day, it was presumed that he had gone back out, but the animal care team received a call on the 28th and Claire went to investigate.
Humbug was found to be in relatively good condition, he had a cough but was obviously exhausted as he made no effort to move when approached by Claire. The decision was made to bring Humbug in for fluids and precautionary treatment. Since arriving at the hospital, Humbug has slept solidly only waking to have his fluids tube fed and his medication administered.
Update: Photo was taken of Humbug on 26th of February 2006 underwater in the convalescence pool.

Humbug´s flipper (light green) tag number is 027.
Photo of Humbug was taken on 26th of February 2006 underwater in the convalescence.  Humbug's flipper (light green) tag number is 027
Update: 5th April 2006 - Humbug, along with Carrot, Ouija and Scrumpy, were released back into the wild at Church Cove on 5th of April 2006. All four seals came out of the trailer and headed straight down the beach and into the water.