Willow - Resident Grey Seal
Willow was originally known as Annie when she was rescued from Donna Nook in 2014 after being separated from her mother. She was rehabilitated at Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and released on the 7th November 2014.

Unfortunately Willow was re-rescued on the 11th May 2015 by Scarborough SEA LIFE from Kilnsea near Withernsea. She was suffering from severe hair loss, lethargy and she had lacerations to her left flank.

Photo right of Willow was taken at Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary in June 2015.
Annie at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary
Annie now Willow at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary Willow began her rehabilitation but blood tests found she was suffering with an under-active thyroid which would have been the reason for her hair loss.

The vet prescribed thyroid treatment which Willow began in May 2015. She has responded very well to the treatment and has managed to moult a new coat of fur in the first year. This unfortunately means this treatment will be required for the rest of Willow´s life to keep her fit and well.
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary was very happy to offer the two year old grey seal Willow (originally named Annie) a permanent home at the Sanctuary, and she moved to Gweek on the 5th November 2015.

Willow spent a few days in the nursery pools to make sure she was feeding well before being moved into the convalescent pool. She immediately caught the attention of a young male grey seal named Badger and she has settled in quickly.
Willow at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
Willow in December 2015 Willow fed very well on her first feed in the main pool and has already shown herself to be very inquisitive and agile.

She plays an important role in teaching the rescued pups going through rehabilitation social skills and providing them feed competition!
Click here to see a selection of photos of Willow via our flickr account. Willow in December 2015

Willow loves the Animal Care team to celebrate her birthday by throwing her a party with some Fishtastic enrichment.
Happy Birthday Willow
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