Wave was rescued on 19th February 2022
Wave, a 5 months old female grey seal pup, was rescued from Polurrian beach in Mullion on 19th February 2022 by Elliot, a member of the animal care team.

She was found the day after storm Eunice, with a severely swollen rear flipper and an abscess. Also had a respiratory infection and a small ulcer in her eye.

This photo was taken a few days after she arrived in the hospital. She currently weighs 21kg.
Wave - photo taken on 4th March 2022 Update - 7th March 2022 : The Sanctuary´s vet prescribed a course of antibiotics and the team are cleaning her wounds on a daily basis.

She was moved down to the outside nursery pool for her next stage of rehabilitation.

Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Wave taken on 4th March 2022 in the hospital. She weighs 20kg.

Her flipper tag ID number is SL137 (white).
Update - 2nd April 2022 : Wave along with Winkle have reached their target release weight of at least 30kg+ and were returned to the wild on 27th March 2022 at Dollar Cove.