Walk for Whales
The ban on commercial whaling is one of the greatest conservation victories of all time. Before it became law in 1983, whaling had brought entire species to the brink of extinction.

Today, shocking developments are threatening its existence. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) need your support to fight two crucial battles.
Photo courtesy of Paul Fox - LULPhoto courtesy of Paul Fox - LUL
At the International Whaling commission meeting in 2010 there were votes on two issues:-

1.  Whether to allow Greenland to kill ten humpback whales per year.
2.  Whether to agree a "deal" that will effectively mean the end of the "ban" on commercial whaling.
Giving in to the whalers now on these issues means many more thousands of intelligent animals may be killed.

Animals who like us have culture, rituals, traditions, strong family bonds, a sense of self and the ability to suffer unimaginable pain at the end of a harpoon.
Walk for WhalesWalk for Whales
We cannot let this happen! Why not join in on a "5 miles" Walk for Whales event near you each year and raise funds to stop whaling!

The money you raise will help WDCS to build relationships with governments whose votes we need to influence. Continue to lead international groups to stop a resumption of trade in whale meat. Run protest campaigns in and against countries that conduct or support commercial whaling. Investigate the use of whale meat and other products, the wastage, and the subsidies that sustain a declining industry. Work towards a permanent end to commercial whaling.
Walk for WhalesWalk for Whales
Whaling is cruel, unsustainable and unnecessary. Since the ban was introduced over 30,000 whales have been killed by Japan, Iceland and Norway alone. If the ban is lifted, how many more will die?
Join a 5 miles walk near you in the UK and raise funds to help keep the ban in place.
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For more details and to register for the Walk for Whales and receive your fundraising pack.

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