A dear old friend Snoopy

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary are deeply sad to announce the passing of a dear old friend Snoopy.

This year Snoopy had struggled to complete her spring moult and had been on and off her food for almost a month. She was also showing signs of discomfort and had not responded to antibiotics or pain relief. After she took a turn for the worse the vet was called and the very difficult decision was made to let her go in dignity. Her initial post mortem has shown she had some large uterine tumours.
Snoopy in September 2018
Snoopy, our resident grey seal in 2008 Tamara Cooper, the Sanctuary´s Curator said "Snoopy was an adult female grey seal re-homed to the Sanctuary back in 2004 for companionship. What better place than the seal sanctuary...or so you would think!! Snoopy was a huge character from the very day she arrived and did everything on her own terms, including deciding when she was ready to meet all our other seals.

It famously took her two whole weeks to decide she would move in with her new pool mates and this strong willed side of her thankfully never left her."
Natalie Dyer, the Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team Supervisor said "Snoopy was one of our most vocally expressive seals, happy to let everyone know how she was feeling with her distinctively haunting calls and inpatient grumbles when waiting for the team to hand her another fish!"

"She was also one of our first ever seals to undergo bi-lateral cataract surgery. This successful procedure not only gave Snoopy more vision, but it also gave her her confidence back, and the difference it made to this proud seal was enough to bring a tear to the eye."
Snoopy - January 2011
Snoopy, our resident grey seal - April 2012 Reaching 39 years old is an impressive feat! She may have arrived lacking in confidence and a little misunderstood but with the help of her persistent sealy friends who never took "no" for an answer, and an animal care team who saw her potential and were determined to strive for more for her, the staff ensured that this strong-willed and expressive seal was soon able to relax into Sanctuary life and her well-earned retirement.
Jana Sirova, the Sanctuary´s General Manager said "Snoopy, it has been our absolute pleasure to look after you for the last 15 years, our sanctuary may be a little quieter without you but has a lot bigger heart because of you."

"This is the reality of being a Sanctuary, we provide a home to animals with all kinds of different needs and whilst it never gets any easier saying goodbye, we are proud of the work that takes place here, rehabilitating seal pups and providing vital care for animals that need us."
Snoopy - August 2018

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary / The SEA LIFE Trust
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 14th June 2019