Sienna Miller was rescued on 18th August 2023

The first pup, a grey seal named "Sienna Miller", was rescued on the 18th of August 2023, after she was found separated from her mother on a beach near Perranporth.

Volunteer medics from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) were first alerted to her the day before. However, with a busy beach full of beachgoers, it was difficult for the pup´s mum to return.

The team made every effort to keep people and dogs away to give the pup the best chance possible, monitoring the pup till late in the evening. By the morning, though, the pup had swum to another busy beach making the chances of being reunited with mum very slim.

The decision was made to bring the pup in for its own safety, and she was transferred to Head & Head in Helston, where they found small wounds to her flippers and a lung infection.

Photos credit (below) : Lizzi Larbalestier - BDMLR
Sienna Miller - Photo credit:  Lizzi LarbalestierSienna Miller - Photo credit:  Lizzi Larbalestier
At just a couple of days old, she was quickly transferred into the care of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to undergo rehabilitation, with the aim of returning her back to the wild.

Elliot Badrick, the Senior Animal Care Specialist for the Sanctuary said "It´s hard for the pups at this time of year - our beaches are still busy, which means human disturbance is a huge risk, and we´re likely to see more pups coming in for this reason."

"Young grey seal pups like Sienna, who still have their white coats, are much more vulnerable, too, which means we have to take extra precautions in our hospital to ensure they aren´t stressed and get all the rest they need to put on weight for a healthy recovery."
Sienna Miller
Update - 27th August 2023 : Sienna is now being cared for in the Sanctuary´s Seal Hospital, with regular night feeds and continuous monitoring until she can reach full health and return to the wild in a few months´ time.
Sienna Miller
Update - 3rd September 2023 : Sienna has started to moult. This means she is beginning to lose her whitecoat and soon it will be replaced with her waterproof, adult coat. She is getting a lot more stable with her weight and the team are now reducing the amount of fish soup and transitioning her to fish. She has calmed down a lot and seems to be doing really well with her first step in rehabilitation.   She currently weighs 13.1kg.
Sienna MillerSienna Miller
Update - 9th September 2023 : Sienna is doing really well in the hospital and has actually now come off her treatment.   She is currently having supervised swims and has even put on a little more weight!

Once the team are happy with her progress, Sienna will be able to move on to the next part of her rehabilitation and will graduate to the outside nursery pools down on-site soon.
Sienna Miller
Update - 30th September 2023 : It´s great to see Sienna Miller (the human) out and about with her new bump over the last week!   Here in the Seal Hospital, though, the Sanctuary´s Sienna Miller has been learning how to eat her fish on her own, moulting her whitecoat and getting lots of rest so she can continue to grow into a strong, healthy pup.   Click here to see larger versions of these photos taken on 28th September 2023.
Sienna MillerSienna Miller
Update - 29th October 2023 : Sienna has graduated from the hospital and is now in the outside nursery pools down on-site for her next stage of rehabilitation and to learn how to compete for fish during feeding time with another rescued seal pup named Owen Wilson.   As you can see...she is really enjoying eating her fish!!!

Sienna´s flipper ID tag number is SL250 (yellow).

The photos below were taken on 27th of October 2023 in nursery pool 4, click here to see larger versions of these and further ones.
Sienna MillerSienna Miller
Update - 8th December 2023 : Sienna along with Chris Pratt, Emma Watson and Tom Felton have now fully recovered and are at the perfect weight of 30+kg, ready to thrive back in the wild! They were released on 1st of December 2023 at Perranuthnoe beach.