Seals in the Wild!
We recently visited a seal colony and was sad to see a few seals with nets. Click here to see larger versions of these photos. The (c) photos below were taken with a Canon 5D camera and a 14mm-400mm lens.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medics (BDMLR), Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and RSPCA West Hatch receives numerous calls about seal net and rope entanglements. The rescue teams make several attempts during the day to catch the seals without success. Each time they managed to escape into the sea along with the group it was with. If you ever visit a seal colony, you may see seals with old net entanglement injuries.
A lot of entanglement happens when seals play and swim over, under and through floating rafts of old, discarded or storm damaged gear. The Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust works with BDMLR, Hunstanton SEA LIFE, Friends of Horsey Seals and Cornish Seal Sanctuary to help rescue and rehabilitate these individuals and raise awareness with members of the public about this issue, asking everyone to pick up any looped items from a beach to reduce this risk for seals and other marine creatures.

The Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust have published a paper showing how entanglement affects seal life expectancy.   This is available to download, click here to read.

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