Scales was rescued on 26th September 2021
Scales is a male (2 weeks old whitecoat) grey seal pup that was rescued from Porthmeor beach on 26th September 2021 by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) marine mammal medics.

The rescue team watched him for many hours before making the decision that the pup needed help, as his mum never returned to feed him meaning he would starve without intervention.

Photo Credit : Lizzi Larbalestier (BDMLR)
Scales - Photo Credit : Lizzi Larbalestier
Scales Click here to watch a short video of Scales being monitored on the beach. Filmed by Lizzi Larbalestier.

This cute pup has come to the Sanctuary so that the Animal Care Team can build him up and get him fat enough to survive in the wild on his own.

He currently weighes in at 13kgs.
This and above photos were taken on 30th September 2021. Click here to see larger versions of these photos. Scales
Update - 10th October 2021 : Scales has sadly passed away on 6th October 2021; it is always very sad when one of the rescued pups dies but sometimes these little ones just don´t have enough antibodies and strength in them to pull through, despite the best efforts of all the Animal Care Team.