John & Melanie Bishop pay a visit the Seal Sanctuary!

Patrons of the SEALIFE Trust charity, John and Melanie Bishop visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to understand more about the work their team does - especially around the rescue, rehabilitation and release of seal pups.

During their visit, John and Mel fell in love with a male pup that recently arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, and chose the name "Jurgen" for him.
John and Melanie Bishop pay the Cornish Seal Sanctuary a visit
Jurgen Jurgen was rescued from Abereiddy, Dyfed on the 21st May 2021 after being found separated from his mum due to a period of rough seas. Grey seal pups are usually born between September and January so he was born at a very unusual time for his species.

Jurgen was malnourished and exhausted, he was very luckily found and rescued by the RSPCA and then transported to the Sanctuary for his rehabilitation.
It has been another busy seal pup season at the Sanctuary, with 57 pups going through the Sanctuary´s specialist rehabilitation programme.

June is normally when the Sanctuary start to come to the end of releasing seal pups that have recovered, so the team were very surprised to have a pup as young as Jurgen in their care.
Jurgen He had not even shed his white fluffy coat, being rescued at just a week old by the RSPCA. Thankfully, he is doing well in the Sanctuary hospital, he had a small ulcer on his eye but other than that he is on the road to recovery, learning to feed himself and double his body weight before he moves onto the next stage of rehabilitation.
John and Mel enjoyed their day at the Sanctuary, meeting the resident animals and of course getting to learn all about the pup rehabilitation work that takes place each year during the pup season in Cornwall.

The couple became patrons of SEA LIFE Trust in March 2021 following on from the support John has shown the seal sanctuary´s sister sanctuary, the world´s first for beluga whales in Iceland.
John and Melanie Bishop pay the Cornish Seal Sanctuary a visit
John and Melanie Bishop pay the Cornish Seal Sanctuary a visit John Bishop´s Great Whale Rescue which was broadcast last year on ITV detailed the journey of beluga whales Little White and Little Grey over their 6,000 epic journey from Shanghai to Iceland, accompanied by John.

The documentary is nominated for a National Television Award (voting closes on Friday 4th June 2021) and is available to watch on the ITV Hub).
John Bishop said "It has been a big honour for us to be able to choose a name for this pup, we have chosen the name Jurgen and we hope you all follow his journey with us to see him progress through rehabilitation."

Jurgen´s progress will be documented and shared by John and Mel Bishop as well as the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and SEA LIFE Trust team, with the hope that he will make a full recovery and be able to eventually be released back into the wild when he is ready.
John and Melanie Bishop pay the Cornish Seal Sanctuary a visit

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 07791 004 534
Issue Date: 3rd June 2021