Love Island´s Lucie couples up with the Seal Sanctuary

It has been a hard three months for the Sanctuary, with costs racking up to over £23,000 a month just to look after the animals and provide the vital medical care needed. The public support was overwhelming, and truly helped to keep the Sanctuary going. It came as a huge surprise when local celebrity and ocean lover, Lucie Rose Donlan, used her impressive following to help spread awareness of the Sanctuary´s cause, which helped with not only awareness but also donations.

Lucie is professional model and free surfer based in Newquay, Cornwall. She is also recognisable from the UK hit Reality TV Show, Love Island.
Love Island's Lucie couples up with the Seal Sanctuary
Love Island's Lucie couples up with the Seal Sanctuary Lucie´s passion for the ocean and her love for wildlife and animals really resonated with the Sanctuary and her support for the Sanctuary during their time of need showed that also the public really loved the collaboration.

The Sanctuary invited Lucie to visit when they re-opened, to introduce her to the team and the animals and to thank her for everything she has done. This new partnership blossomed and Lucie agreed to become an official ambassador for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Lucie said "I am so honoured to have been made an Ambassador for this much-loved Sanctuary that not only does amazing work but also is a fun and exciting attraction full of educational facts and information. Myself and my family enjoyed a private tour around the Sanctuary at the beginning of the week and we were very impressed with what we saw."

"I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the friendly and informative staff who made our day not only memorable but also educational. I´m so proud of attractions such as this in Cornwall, just knowing that people care deeply about the welfare and rehabilitation of these beautiful creatures.
Love Island's Lucie couples up with the Seal Sanctuary
Love Island's Lucie couples up with the Seal Sanctuary "Its so important to keep these Sanctuaries fully operative and I´m passionate about being chosen as an Ambassador and hope to be able to work closely with them so that they can continue to work their magic for the rescued and injured seals."

The Sanctuary are thrilled to have welcomed Lucie to the Sanctuary family, and look forward to sharing exciting collaborations together in the future.
The Sanctuary has now re-opened and are absolutely delighted to be able to safely welcome guests back to their 42 acre outdoor site.

The Sanctuary asks that all guests pre-book their tickets and arrival slots on their website before arrival to ensure they are able to visit safely -
the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 07791 004534
Issue Date: 26th June 2020