Cornish Seal Sanctuary Appeals to "DEFRA"
through open letter

After almost three months of closure The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is now facing tremendous debt and uncertain future. Having been refused the much needed government Zoo grant, the charity now appeals to DEFRA through an open letter for further support in this crisis.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, SEA LIFE Trust has written an open letter to DEFRA in response to the ruling last week that sanctuaries, zoos and aquariums must remain closed whilst gardens, outdoor land maintained for public use and even indoor shops, pubs and restaurants have all been allowed to open in June.
Cornish Seal Sanctuary
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is appealing to DEFRA to re-evaluate their latest decision with regards to opening, and to look at the financial support they are currently offering, as many facilities are missing out due to situations beyond their own control.

Jana Sirova, General manager of the Sanctuary said "We are all emotionally exhausted! This has been very challenging time for the team at the sanctuary to keep financially afloat while ensuring we are providing the best care to our animals. It came as a shock to learn we were not successful in securing the government zoo grant, with the response stating we were not eligible as we´ve already received aid in the form of a CBIL loan.

Whilst we are very grateful to not face imminent closure due to this loan, we would like to point out that a loan is very different to grant support and comes with interest payments that would also need to be paid back; leaving our charity facing long-term debt. With seal pup rescue season just around the corner and essential pool work still needing to be done, we are asking DEFRA to consider our desperate situation."

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Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Alexandra Pearce-Broomhead
Fundraising and Conservation Coordinator
Issue Date: 8th June 2020