Milo was rescued on 9th October 2019
Milo, male whitecoat grey seal pup, was rescued on 9th October 2019 from Saunton Sands in Devon by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) Medics.

The seal pup was found with unusual lacerations around his body. Weighed 21kgs.

Photo Credit : Louise Round - BDMLR
Milo - Photo Credit Louise Round - BDMLR
Milo Milo was taken to one of BDMLR´s holding facilities until a hospital pen became available on 25th October 2019 at Gweek.

Update - 31st October 2019 : Milo enjoying eating his fish in the hospital.

In the next week or so, he will be moved down to the outside nursery pools for his next stage of rehabilitation.
Update - 19th November 2019 : Milo is now in the rehabilitation pool to learn how to compete for fish with the resident and rescued seals.

Once this pup reaches 30-35kgs in weight, she will be ready to be returned back into the wild in a month or so time.
Milo Update - 25th November 2019 : Milo currently weighs 23kgs.

His flipper tag ID number is SL111 (yellow).

Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Milo taken on 22nd November 2019.

Click here to watch a short video of this pup in the rehabilitation pool.
Update - 1st January 2020 : Milo was released back into the wild on 17th December 2019 at Gunwalloe along with Peppa Pig, Little Miss Sunshine, Miss Trunchbull, Tin Tin, Captain Underpants, Jorge and Elsa.