Meryasek was rescued on 8th June 2021
Meryasek, affectionately nicknamed Merry, a 2 weeks old whitecoat female seal pup, was rescued from Nine Wells in Pembrokeshire on the 8th June 2021 after being found separated from his mum.

Grey seal pups are usually born between September and January so she was born at a very unusual time for her species.

She was taken in by the RSPCA for a few days and then moved down to the Sanctuary to continue her rehabilitation on 14th June 2021.
Merry It has been another busy seal pup season at the Sanctuary, with 59 pups going through the Sanctuary´s specialist rehabilitation programme.

June is normally when the Sanctuary start to come to the end of releasing seal pups that have recovered, so the team were very surprised to have another pup as young as Merry in their care.
Click here to see a larger version of this and above photos which were taken on 17th June 2021.

Merry currently weighs only 10kgs.
Merry Update - 28th June 2021 : Merry has already learned how to feed for herself, and has starting having her first swims in her hospital pen to help build her swimming muscles. She is enjoying her pool and having a snack!

A big thank you to Merry´s sponsor, 5 year old William!
Update - 1st August 2021 : Merry is now in the outside nursery pool 4 with another rescued seal pup named Fajita to learn how to socialise and compete for her food, after which she can be moved to the larger rehabilitation pool.

Click here to see a larger version of this and further photos which were taken on 31st July 2021. Merry currently weighs only 17.5kgs.

Flipper tag ID number is SL156 (green).
Seal Release - 15th September 2021 Update : 20th September 2021 - Merry along with Jurgen, Fajita and Taco have completed their rehabilitation and were released back into the wild on 15th September 2021 at Dollar Cove.

Click here to watch a short video of the seal release.