Luna - Harbour (Common) Seal
LUNA, a female harbour (common) seal, was rescued as a pup in June 1994 after being washed ashore several times around the coast of Denmark. She was taken to the nearest rehabilitation centre for initial first aid and treatment and unfortunately was found to be completely blind.

After realising that Luna would not be able to survive in the wild, she was found a home at the Cornish Seal Life Marine Park, Blankenberge in Belgium, where she was cared for with other Common Seals and two Californian Sealions for company for many years.
Whilst at the SEA LIFE Centre, Luna was sedated and examined by a specialist eye veterinarian, who diagnosed her as having bilateral cataracts.   In 2007, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary were asked to provide Luna with a permanent retirement home, where all her special needs could be met.

Despite being short of one of her important senses, the Animal Care Team have found that Luna is very intelligent and keen to participate in feeding and training activities. So impressed with her temperament and her ability to use her other senses to the maximum, the Animal Care Team have designed a special training programme to ensure that Luna is kept healthy and happy.

Luna and Sija Sija along with Luna have been moved to their new home at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park on 19th May 2015.

The Animal Care Team are very sad to see them go but to prevent further breeding the staff made the decision to move the girls up to Weymouth in a pool with only female seals.

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