Our beloved female grey seal Lizzie

It is with great sadness that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have announced the sudden passing of another of their elderly residents - their gentle female Grey seal Lizzie who was aged 41.

Lizzie epitomized the Sanctuary´s second chance role when she arrived from Dartmoor Zoo in 2001. She had been on her own for many years and had a long-term eye problem and it was thought that the Sanctuary could provide her with the perfect retirement home where she could take it easy, have some company of her own, as well as receive some expert attention for her eyes.
Lizzie Little did she know we had a lot in store for her! Lizzie was introduced to our Convalescent Pool with six other resident seals, as well as many rehabbing pups over the years.

Some seals, even with perfect vision, may have shied away from all the commotion, but Lizzie seemed to thrive with all the company.
Whether it was new pups or new residents arriving into her pool, Lizzie´s gentle and maternal nature always shone through making her a quietly popular resident.

Her best friend was one of our other blind females Atlanta and they could often be seen sunbathing together. But it was clear that all our resident seals, even our matriarch Sheba had the utmost respect for Lizzie.
Lizzie Soon after Lizzie arrived she was scheduled to have surgery to help give her better eyesight but sadly the vets were unable to operate due to the complications of aesthetic. It was agreed that a blind Lizzie was much better than no Lizzie at all.

It was a further 10 years before eye surgery was repeated at the Sanctuary.
Lizzie LOVED her food and was by far our largest female in the pool - her blindness never stopped her finding her fish!! She knew the call of her name and whenever she was in need of some extra attention the team could call her out of the group to receive extra food or medication. She was such a distinctive seal, many guests will remember her swimming or sunbathing with her tongue poking out!

Over the last few weeks and months Lizzie had enjoyed the breeding season shenanigans of the younger seals chasing each other around the pool. She had also just finished moulting but this moult had appeared to take it out of her. She had lost a considerable amount of weight and was unable to regain condition despite the team´s best efforts to get her to eat more. The vet had prescribed precautionary treatment which she had willingly taken but with only slight improvement.

Lizzie passed away quickly with the team around her on Tuesday 21st March 2017. Lizzie will be remembered for the true lady that she was - always gentle and always gracious. She was adored by her pool partners and her team and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been able to give Lizzie 16 years of company and love.

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 21st March 2017