Liquorice was rescued on 27th January 2023

A rare grey seal pup has been admitted to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary after being rescued from a nearby beach. Liquorice, who is estimated to be around 10 weeks old, is "melanistic", which means she´s completely black from head to toe - something seen in just one in 400 grey seals.

She first came to the Sanctuary on 27th January 2023, when she was spotted by local walkers at Fishing Cove in Gunwalloe. They called the Cornish Seal Sanctuary for help. On arrival, the animal care team found she had breathing difficulties, a small wound and appeared to be very underweight.
It´s not often we see melanistic pups, especially female ones, and even rarer to see them coming through the Sanctuary´s own doors.   Liquorice really needed some help after she was spotted quite high up on the beach, and it was quickly agreed she should come in.

Melanism is caused when too much of the pigment melanin has been produced, and appears in seals by giving them black eyes, fur and nails. The condition is even rarer in female seals, who are typically lighter in colour than their male counterparts.
Update - 26th February 2023 : Liquorice will spend a week or so in the hospital then will be moved to the outside nursery pools for her next stage of rehabilitation.   She currently weighs 16.5kg.   Her flipper tag ID number is SL180 (white).
Update - 5th March 2023 : Earlier this week, worms were found in Liquorice´s faeces, so she is now having treatment for, this is probably why she has not been putting on much weight. Currently weighs 17kg.
Update - 16th April 2023 : Liquorice is doing really well and is now in the outside rehabitation pool learning how to compete for fish during feeding time and also to socialise with other seal pups. It will not be too long before Liquorice is returned to the wild in the next few weeks.   Click here to see larger version of these photos below which were taken on 15th April 2023.   Her flipper tag ID number is SL180 (white).
Update - 22nd April 2023 : Liquorice was returned to the sea with two fellow pups, Sage and Turmeric, on 21st April 2023 at Perranuthnoe beach.   Click here to read the press release.   Click here to see a selection of photos.
Liquorice, Sage and Turmeric released on 21st April 2023