Fund Our Future
To future proof the Cornish Seal Sanctuary for generations to come, the Sanctuary are now raising vital funds to redevelop their pools and remain world-leaders in seal conservation and care.

And that´s where the "Fund Our Future" project comes in. This £1.3million fundraising campaign is all about securing the charity´s future, while placing world-class animal welfare at the centre of everything we do.

To donate, click here for more details on how to make an online donation also how to set up your own fundraising event?

With the beginning of the project set to get underway later this year, the charity aims to:-

- Build a state-of-the-art filtration system (dramatically improving water quality and clarity for the animals and visiting guests alike)
- Provide better access to pools for the animal carers (giving them more space to train and enrich the residents)
- Create a new, undercover viewing area with seating and education spaces
- Exceed recommended standards in marine mammal care
- Inspire the next generation to help the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to take their work forward

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