Fish was rescued on 19th January 2017
Fish, female grey seal pup, was rescued on 19th January 2017 from Newlyn harbour by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team.

She was found malnourished on the rocks in the harbour with no intention of going back out to sea! She had no obvious signs of injury or illness.

Update - 1st March 2017 : Within 10 days Fish was ready to move to the outdoor pools but struggled to keep up with the larger more boisterous pups.
Fish - Photo by Zoe Morris
Update - 9th April 2017 : Fish is in the convalescent pool and putting on lots of weight before being returned to the wild in the next month or so. Fish´s flipper tag number is 339 (white).

Update - 1st June 2017 : Fish is in the convalescent pool and will be released back to the wild soon.
Seal Release - 13th June 2017 Update - 15th June 2017 : Fish along with Caiman, Lobster, Mantis Shrimp and Flamingo were released on 13th June 2017 at Dollar Cove, Gunwalloe. The planned release is a major operation involving several members of the Sanctuary team.

The rehabilitation pool was drained, and then each pup was herded into a cage and then transferred to a trailer which was then driven onto the beach to be safely released. Click here to see a selection of photos of the release.