Connect 4 was rescued on 24th January 2016
Connect 4, 8 weeks old male grey seal pup, was rescued on 24th January 2016 from Chapel Porth beach by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BMDLR) team.

He was brought in due to minor wounds on his body and flippers. Also had a high temperature and was very lethargic. Weighed just 16kgs.

The pup was prescribed antibiotics.
Connect 4
Update - 1st March 2016 : Connect 4 is gaining weight in the outside convalescent pool and his wounds are healing well before being released back into the wild.
Seal Release on 16th May 2016 Update - 17th May 2016 : Connect 4 along with Pop up Pirate, Marbles, Pontoon and Screwball Scramble were released back into the wild on 16th May 2016 at Gwithian.

Connect 4´s flipper tag number is 97 (blue).

Click here to see a selection of photos taken of the seal release.