Chimichurri was rescued on 5th January 2023

Chimichurri, a 12 weeks old male grey seal pup, was rescued on 5th January 2023 from Crantock by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) marine mammal medics.

He had a swollen right front flipper as well as a wound on his left with superficial wounds across his nailbeds.

He was transferred by the BDMLR to the Sanctuary on 11th January 2023 to start his rehabilitation process and was put on medication to treat his injuries.
Update - 22nd January 2023 : Chimichurri is learning how to swim and compete for fish during feeding time. Once he has put on a bit more weight, he will be released back into the wild.   His flipper tag ID number is SL173 (white).

These photos were taken on 21st January 2023 in the nursery pool number 2.
Update - 6th February 2023 : Chimichurri has completed his rehabilitation at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and was released back into the wild on 6th February 2023 at Kennack Sands.
Update - 19th March 2023 : Chimichurri was seen at a haul-out along the south coast of Cornwall on 22nd February 2023 and 19th March 2023 by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) volunteers who spend hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify and watch over the seals around the Cornish coast.

Photo Credit - Kerstin Hartmann - CSGRT - 19th March 2023
Chimichurri - Photo Credit - Kerstin Hartmann
Each seal´s fur pattern is unique and enables the CSGRT volunteers track them for life. Seals face many challenges, yet we all depend on them to balance our marine ecosystem, this is essential to make the oxygen we breathe. Seals are our globally rare wildlife tourist attraction, helping diversify coastal economic prosperity.