The Cornish Seal Sanctuary
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary would like to say a huge thank you to James Slater and David Gray for their incredible donation to Tuppence.

Each day the team administer inhaler medication to her, and the Sanctuary were in desperate need of an inhaler mask for her, to make the whole process much easier for her. These two came to the Sanctuary for a "Keeper for the day experience" and then after kindly gifted them the BreathEazy inhaler mask - who were also very generous and gave it to them for cost price.

Thank you James and David for your generosity, you have helped the staff make Tuppence´s daily medication so much nicer for her and are really grateful!

If you´d like to support the animals at the Sanctuary, there is a wishlist which the staff update regularly with items they would love to have for the animals -

¦ News Update - September 2021 ¦